Classic - 3 Star(Yi Series)

Filter  Anti Dust Yes
Catalyst Filtter -
Active Carbon -
Nano Silver Yes
Catechin Filter -
Acaro Bacterium(Red) -
Vitamin-C -
Silver Ion -
Fin Hydrophylic Aluminium Blue
Copper tubes Inner Grooved Yes
IDU LED Display Yes
Ionizer -
Self Diagnosis Yes
Anti Fungal Clean -
Auto Restart Yes
Remote Sleep Mode Yes
Turbo Yes
Swing Yes
LCD Remote Yes
Backlight -
Lock -
Reset -
Timer Yes
Fungusproof -
Clean -
3D AirFlow -
Glow Buttons -
Dual Temp. Display -
Air Vent Cross Flow Yes
  • These savings are based on 8Hrs of AC running for 365 Days
  • The Compressor run hour is considered as 70% of the total hours which effectively means the AC runs for 5Hrs 36Minutes per Day
  • Based on Electricity cost of Rs. 5/- per Unit